Ok, so we all know what it’s like to need a service and usually when we are in DIRE need of someone fast, we cannot find someone reliable or even to call you back!

We bought a new home in Desert Ridge and the previous owners had put a lot of time and money into the landscaping, including cactus, palms, flowering plants and banana trees. After 2 weeks of living in our new home, I noticed the plants looking pretty sad. I had no idea if the irrigation was working or not, since this was new to me.

I called 3 irrigation companies, all 3 were answering machines, I left messages and to this day(2 weeks later) have not received a follow up call from any of them. I had waited 24 hours for a call and found Pro Irrigation Services. I called, Josh answered, he had someone here THAT DAY, he even showed up AFTER 5pm when most people are going home, fixed the issue and explained everything to me. He charged a very fair rate for parts and labor and everything works perfect! I will have them out this fall when things get slower for them, to update my system and make sure that it’s all working properly!

Don’t waste your time calling all the other ones and don’t waste your money trying to find someone who is the lowest price, it will cost you more to have it done over RIGHT! These folks value your business and Josh even followed up a day later with a call to see if everything meet my satisfaction! IT DID! THANKS! Call’em, you won’t regret it!