Scottsdale Outdoor Kitchens Let You Enjoy Cooking Outdoor Year Round

Grilling in the fresh air is a much-celebrated past time throughout the United States. Today, the idea of cooking outside has evolved from basic grilling to cooking a complete meal without having to alternate between a grill and traditional stove top. Now homeowners are investing in outdoor kitchens that allow them to do all of their meal storage, prep, and cooking without having to reenter their home. If you are considering adding a kitchen to the exterior of your house, keeping these tips for designing an outdoor kitchen in mind will help you create the cooking area of your dreams.


Start with Appliances

The appliances that you choose to install will ultimately determine the size of your outdoor kitchen. Before you section off an area of your yard or start mentally planning your outdoor gatherings, first shop for and measure the appliances you hope to install. Creating a design plan without taking the size of your appliances into account first can lead to numerous problems. Use your indoor kitchen as an initial starting point and determine what type of cooking appliances, counters, storage appliances, etc. your ideal outdoor kitchen should contain. If you do not have the exterior space for your initial plans, start making adjustments or reevaluate where your kitchen will be placed if you need to accommodate more surfaces or appliances than previously thought.


Keep Maintenance in Mind

Remember, your outdoor kitchen will probably need to withstand the wear and tear caused by high temperatures that occur during cooking along with weathering caused by mother nature.  While they are often more expensive, stainless steel that is of the highest quality lasts longer than other materials and is also less damaged by heat or staining. Stainless steel surfaces are also more sanitary since they are not porous and do not require constant sealing like other materials.  The ideal outdoor kitchen should be easy to clean and resistant to damage or staining.


Combine Comfort with Safety

Investing in a gazebo or other permanent covering and quality lighting fixtures allows you to cook outdoors in all-weather types while simultaneously keeping your outdoor kitchen area safe.  Temporary umbrellas, mosquito nettings, and torches are all cost effective, but they increase the chances of a kitchen accident occurring.  Installing a permanent covering like a ramada or gazebo with lighting that has safe clearance and professionally installed ventilation reduces the risk of fire while protecting your kitchen from damage. It also lets you cook outdoors in relative comfort regardless of heat or rain.


Talk to a Professional

Installing an outdoor kitchen gives you an opportunity to cook in comfort while giving your property additional personality. Talking to a landscaping company will help you determine the best way to make your dreams a reality. The team at Luxe Outdoor Environments is available to provide you with a landscape project estimate while answering any questions that you may have about making changes to the exterior of your property. Contact our Scottsdale, Arizona office to schedule an appointment to discuss your landscaping project today.